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Comic 60 - My Workplace # 59

My Workplace # 59
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16th Mar 2022, 9:52 AM
One time I was tasked with removing a spider from someone's desk. It went poorly. Not for the spider, he or she is fine and may still be catching flies! But I may still have a concussion from the panicky employees!


Had to perform a similar operation for a bird in the fireplace...twice
It's not a problem anymore, the contractor I got to replace the spark arrestor screen that had rusted out and let them in buggered the chimney up so bad when they 'cleaned it' that you can't put a fire on anymore without smoking the house out.

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What a coincidence... I think a bird made a nest in the cowling of my motorcycle! I haven't been riding as much in the cold weather, but I have to get in there to make sure, and get them out! It would be horrific to start riding and they would still be in there! :O

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